The Worlds First Revolutionary Self-Storage System.

After 20 years experience in conventional self storage, (managing 1.2 million sq. ft. of storage space), and a careful review of customers' feedback, Automated Self Storage Systems, LLC was founded.

Customers expressed the need for prime storage space locations within the building along with easy and quicker in/out service. At that time Automated Self Storage Systems teamed up with Westfalia Technologies, Inc. to develop an automated system that delivers each storage container directly to the customer providing secure, user friendly, fast and convenient service. With this system not only does the owner enhance customer service, he increases net leaseable area up to 25% and lowers operating costs up to 50%. With the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculated on one floor only you maximize your land space to accommodate mixed-use, urban and infill locations, and reduce parking requirements.

The Revolution Has Begun.